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Bronze Plan for Heating

The Bronze Plan gives the will-call fuel buyer the option of service coverage and a tune-up at a reduced price. This plan will be in effect for twelve (12) months starting with the month when it is purchased. All service is to be provided Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Work performed on Saturday, Sunday and evenings will be billed at the prevailing rates. 

Annual Tune-Up

The annual tune-up is included in this plan and will be performed once during the Service Agreement term during regular working hours as scheduled by our Service Department. The annual tune-up includes:

  • Test and adjust oil burner for maximum efficiency, using combustion testing equipment
  • Inspect combustion chamber
  • Clean and check electrodes and nozzle assembly
  • Install customer-supplied air filters. We supply oil filter controls, cartridge, and burner nozzle, if necessary
  • Oil all motors on burner, fans and circulators
  • Check all safety and operating controls
  • Vacuum-clean appliance and flue pipe, including chimney base (where accessible), as necessary


To enroll in the Bronze Service Agreement, please call our office or contact us

Air Conditioning Tune-Up and Inspection

iStock_17229189.jpgF.C. Haab provides expert service on a wide range of central air conditioning equipment. 

Every year, grass clippings, dirt and bugs build up and reduce your air conditioner's efficiency. Corrosion can poke holes in your refrigerant lines. Worst of all, when you lose cooling capacity, you may not know you're in trouble until you really need your system to be running full blast. 

A yearly F.C. Haab A/C Tune-Up will save you money, prevent problems, and extend the life of your system. To keep your system operating at peak capacity, we:

  • Prepare the whole system for summer operation
  • Inspect and adjust refrigerant controls
  • Inspect and adjust temperature controls
  • Inspect safety controls
  • Check for refrigerant and oil leaks (refrigerant not included)
  • Check belts and adjust tension
  • Check air filters
  • Check and record operating pressures
  • Inspect and lubricate electric motors
  • Check compressor, evaporator motor, condenser motor, amperage and voltage
  • Clean lint and dirt from air-cooled condensers
  • Blow out condensate drain line

To enroll in the Air Conditioning Tune Up and Inspection Agreement, please call our office or contact us


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