459063539-bank-vault.pngHaab Energy helps customers manage fuel bills with our convenient Budget Plan, which spreads out your fuel costs in 10 even monthly payments. We developed the Budget Plan to give customers an easy way to fit their fuel expenses into their household budget. Rather than pay for each delivery as we make it, you pay a predictable amount every month. 

We determine your monthly payment based on our calculations for the coming heating season. We estimate both the per-gallon price and your fuel usage to arrive at a total anticipated cost, then we divide that total by 10. You can also include your Service Plan costs in your Budget Plan

The Haab Energy Budget Plan is particularly useful when fuel costs are running higher than normal, because it spares the customer from oversized payments in winter. Regardless of how many deliveries you receive in a month or what the price is, you are obligated to make only one monthly payment. The Budget Plan offers the choice of paying by check, electronic check, debit card or credit card. 

To learn more about our Budget Plan and how it can help you and your finances, e-mail us directly or call our office. We'll be happy to help you with any information you need. 


The Budget Plan relies on estimates in setting the customer's monthly payment amount. When fuel prices rise or usage increases, the total cost can increase, leaving a balance due at the end of the budget year. If you suspect that your total cost will be higher than expected, feel free to call the office and ask. Any payments you make above the monthly minimum will reduce the balance due at the end of the budget year.