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Filters for Your Comfort

admin June 13, 2018

The air quality inside your home is an important aspect of your comfort… after all we spend a lot of time inside!

Nothing lasts forever – at least, not when it comes to things like cars, electronics and air conditioning equipment.

If you’re itching, sneezing, coughing and wheezing, don’t rush to blame allergy season – there could be something else at play.

These days, everything is going digital! Even your home comfort can join the 21st century when you install a new programmable…

From Philadelphia to Westtown, water heaters bring a certain level of luxury to homes throughout Pennsylvania.

You may believe you have ordering heating oil down to a science, but what if you forget to place an order? What if you don’t…

Father Time takes his toll on football players and heating systems. If your heating system’s rookie season was a decade ago or…

High Heat, High Efficiency

admin November 7, 2017

Those familiar with baseball lingo know that “high heat” refers to a fastball thrown high in the strike zone. F.C. Haab gives…

Many of us take measures to stay safe that we don’t think twice about. We go to the doctor for annual physical exams, and take…

Automatic Home Comfort from F.C. Haab

admin September 6, 2017

Imagine how much simpler things would be if everything happened automatically – your dishwasher could empty itself, your laundry…


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