Frequently Asked Questions About Service Agreements

There are three important reasons to purchase a service plan. First, it includes an annual tune-up, which should never be skipped. Second, it ensures 24-hour response to heat emergencies. Third, it protects you from expensive repair bills.
The cost varies from plan to plan, but each one delivers great value. Your plan includes the annual tune-up. The tune-up reduces your heating costs by as much as 10 percent. Your plan can also shelter you from repair costs, which can be considerable for even a small repair, because parts have become very expensive.
It depends on the level of protection you desire. Our Gold Plan offers the most complete repair coverage, so it makes sense for customers who are concerned about high repair bills. The Silver Plan offers less extensive coverage, but the price is lower. The Bronze Plan offers a tune-up without the extensive repair coverage, so it is ideal for customers who don't want to pay to protect against high repair costs. The Silver and Gold plans both include our Loyalty Credits.
Each year you buy a service plan, you earn $50 toward the replacement of furnaces or boilers, burners, air conditioners, etc. You can accumulate up to $500 in credits.
Yes. We maintain a full-time staff of highly trained technicians who perform all our service work. We never use subcontractors.
Yes, although there is very little our Gold Plan doesn't cover.
No. You're paying only for the parts your system has. For example, a furnace system has a blower that sends hot air through the vents, while a boiler has a circulator that sends hot water through pipes. The price of the plan takes this into account.
Yes. You can make convenient monthly payments through our Budget Plan.
Yes, we're experts at it. See our Platinum Plan. When when you get our air conditioning coverage along with a heating plan, you save $50 on its cost.
Just contact us. Please don't wait until you have a problem and face a big bill. Take care of this now, so you can rest easy all year long. If you have any questions, call us at 215-563-0800 or 610-789-6340.