Dear Mr. Calton,

This past Sat. 2/25/23, we woke up to a cold house, with no heat. I called Haab's emergency number and spoke to a gentleman, who answered the phone quickly and was both friendly and responsive in addressing our heating issue. He informed me that he had a technician in the area on another call and that, that technician would be coming my way, when he was done with the call , with which he was currently dealing.

Before too long, the tech called me and said he was on his way. When he arrived he was greeted by my wife, who commented to me, how courteous he was. This Tech, whose name I can't recall, did a great job in diagnosing the TWO issues he needed to address and within a reasonable amount of time, was able to efficiently affect repairs. He explained to me the TWO issues he diagnosed and repaired. He made sure the system was functioning properly and that heat was restored to the radiators, before he left. At the outset, what looked like a long and cold Sat. turned out to be anything but, due to the quick response of the individual, who took my call and to the professionalism of the Tech , who diagnosed and fixed the heating system.

Cudos Mr. Calton!

Joe Cox

I must tell you that from the time I moved into 1917 Walnut Street in 1986 until I moved in 2021, I had the most wonderful relationship with all of you. My special thanks go to Mary in the Billing department, all the oil delivery crew and all the service people, especially JOHN (an old-timer in terms of knowledge) who was always available to answer questions and to offer advice. I hope that as a company, you never lose that friendly and truly service oriented attitude; I think it is getting very rare these days.

Anyway, thank you for years of excellent service and quality behavior of all your employees.

Leslie, Philadelphia, PA

Wanted to let the Oil delivery boss know he does an amazing job and I'm very happy with him.

Mrs. D (customer since 1973)