Air Conditioning System Installations for Philadelphia

- 12:47 pm - April 18th, 2019

Looking for a new cooling solution in your home? At Haab Energy, we install the latest in both central air conditioning and ductless mini-split air conditioning systems – so you can find the right AC equipment that suits your needs!

What kind of air conditioning equipment is best for your home?

Figuring it out is easy, check out the benefits of each system and then decide for yourself which one sounds right for you!

Central Air Conditioning Systems

  • Ductwork carries conditioned air throughout your home, providing even cooling coverage in every room.
  • System is controlled from a centrally located thermostat
  • Air is filtered as it is drawn in and circulated throughout the home
  • Because the condenser is outside, it runs more quietly than window AC units

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

  • Don’t rely on ductwork, so installation is quicker than with central air
  • Separate indoor units are controlled individually, allowing different temperatures throughout the home so energy isn’t wasted cooling down unoccupied rooms
  • Can be installed in rooms inaccessible by ductwork, such as garages, or home add-ons
  • Utilize slimmer equipment that requires less energy to run

What kind of air conditioning solution are you looking for? Whether you’d prefer the even coverage of a central air conditioning system or the precise control over your comfort that a ductless mini-split AC can bring into your home, contact us online to get the ball rolling on your AC installation!