High Heat, High Efficiency

- 12:19 pm - November 7th, 2017

Those familiar with baseball lingo know that “high heat” refers to a fastball thrown high in the strike zone. F.C. Haab gives you a different kind of high heat – high-efficiency heating equipment for your home! Better yet, unlike a Major League team, you won’t have to pay a king’s ransom to get reliable high heat. 

Modern, high-efficiency boilers and furnaces convert nearly all of the energy in their fuel to useful heat for the home. In other words, they’re remarkably efficient. In fact, they’re so efficient you can cut your fuel bills substantially by upgrading. 

F.C. Haab proudly installs and services modern, high-efficiency boilers and furnaces from leading manufacturers: 

Our technicians have the know-how to ensure your equipment is set up for peak performance. There’s no curveball coming your way – just high heat! Contact F.C. Haab today to learn more about our great selection of high-efficiency heating equipment.