Schedule an A/C Tune-Up

- 10:00 am - April 19th, 2023

iStock_4244472-Air-Conditioning-AC.jpgSummer is right around the corner and, before the heat and humidity arrive, you want to make sure your home cooling equipment is ready for the hot, sticky weather. Much like an annual checkup, it’s essential to have your cooling system looked at yearly to maintain efficiency and stay on top of any issues.

To run reliably and achieve peak energy efficiency, an air conditioning system requires periodic preventive maintenance from a qualified expert. Haab Energy's air conditioning technicians receive the extensive, continuous training that’s required to handle modern AC equipment properly.

Our service team uses the latest and best diagnostic equipment, which helps us troubleshoot problems effectively and tune your system for optimum efficiency. 

The annual cleaning and tuning that a modern AC system requires is included when you enroll in a Haab Energy Air Conditioning Service Plan. To schedule an air conditioning service or enroll in our Air Conditioning Service Plan, please contact us.

AC repair man 2.jpgIncrease Appliance Longevity

Annual tune-ups help keep your A/C running efficiently, so you can capitalize on your investment and extend the life of your equipment. Tune-ups can allow a few more years of operation on older cooling systems before it’s time to install a new A/C system.

Maximum Comfort

With the soaring prices of energy, don’t settle for an out-of-date A/C unit that uses excessive amounts of energy without delivering the comfort you deserve. A sophisticated, modern air conditioning system must be installed properly, or the efficiency could be reduced by as much as 30 percent, according to the U.S. ENERGY STAR® program. When you invest in new AC equipment, a high-quality installation is a must. 

Haab Energy's installers are seasoned professionals who understand today's sophisticated air conditioning equipment. They have the knowledge, tools and commitment to perform precise installations every single time, no matter how big the job may be. Once they set up your system, they test it thoroughly with advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure that it is performing in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.


Haab Energy has a larger service and installation department than most companies our size, because it is our mission to provide superior service every time. Our installers will give your installation the time and attention it needs without being rushed off to another job. Financing options are also available for customers who count on Haab Energy for their air conditioning system installation needs.