Controlling Your Comfort Made Easier With the Right Thermostat

- 10:24 am - March 17th, 2021

There are a few ways you can control the comfort systems in your home – none of which are the wrong way! If you’re looking to enhance the control you have over your home’s heating system, consider checking out the thermostats available from Haab Energy, including Programmable Thermostats, Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats and Smart Thermostats.

Not sure which thermostat would best meet your needs? Let us help by going over the benefits of each!

Programmable Thermostats let you set a schedule for when your comfort systems run and when they turn off. This is an effective way to save energy, as you can tell your system to turn off when no one is typically home or when everyone is usually asleep and to turn on when everyone is getting home or waking up.

Wi-Fi Thermostats offer precise control over your home comfort systems by letting you make adjustments from anywhere using your smartphone or other Wi-Fi-enabled device. This gives you a better way of managing your energy usage, and makes adjusting the temperatures in your home far more convenient.

Smart Thermostats learn your habits when it comes to your home comfort system. After a couple of weeks of normal usage, these thermostats will begin to make adjustments automatically – with some even making suggestions on how you can better conserve energy with your comfort equipment.

No matter how you choose to control your home comfort system, Haab Energy is here to help with thermostat installation as well as the installation of modern, high-efficiency home heating equipment. Call or contact us online today to learn more!