No Need to Sweat the Summer with F.C. Haab

- 12:23 pm - May 15th, 2018

Nothing lasts forever – at least, not when it comes to things like cars, electronics and air conditioning equipment. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about cars and electronics. However, at F.C. Haab we do know a thing or two about air conditioning systems! And just in time too, as it seems like the warmer weather is finally on its way. So, how can we help you with your home cooling needs?

AC System Evaluations

Are you unsure of how your air conditioning system has been holding up? Maybe you’re considering an upgrade after years of tolerating warm spots and poor airflow coming form your current system? We can help you get more information with an air conditioning system evaluation – we’ll inspect your equipment and help you understand what your options are for better cooling coverage.

AC System Maintenance

Just like a doctor takes care of their patients, we take care of our customer’s air conditioning systems! Our technicians are constantly trained and brought up to date so they’re able to handle modern AC equipment and the various minor repairs that could arise. The regular maintenance and fine-tuning that’s required to keep your system going is included in our Air Conditioning Service Plan – so enroll soon and protect your comfort this summer!

AC Installation & Financing

Whether you’ve had an evaluation performed on your system, or you’re noticing that your air conditioning system isn’t operating as well as it used to, we can help with a brand new AC system installation. Not only will modern, high-efficiency equipment save you up to 30 percent on energy bills, purchasing an AC through F.C. Haab gives you the option to finance your purchase. Upgrade your equipment immediately and pay for it over time!

So, when was your air conditioning system’s last check up? If it wasn’t last year, it’s been too long! Contact us so that we may discuss your options and figure out the best course of action to keep your cool this summer.