Central AC Upgrades: What Is a Good SEER Rating?

- 10:00 am - May 14th, 2024

If you’re considering an upgrade for your central AC, knowing the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of the new equipment is crucial. SEER indicates how efficiently your AC converts electricity into cool air, impacting your energy bills and comfort. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose the unit with the right SEER rating for your needs.

The minimum SEER rating for central air conditioning systems is 14 in Pennsylvania, and the maximum SEER rating available today is 26. It’s generally recommended to choose a system with the highest SEER rating that also meets your home needs and your budget. Let’s look into some of the most common SEER ratings for central air systems, and how to choose the one best for you.


  • 14 SEER or higher: Ideal for most replacements, offering a balance between efficiency and upfront cost.
  • 16 SEER or higher: Excellent choice for energy-conscious homeowners, resulting in significant energy cost savings over time.
  • 18 SEER or higher: Considered high-efficiency systems, these systems offer huge long-term savings and tend to last longer due to better manufacturing, but have a higher total upfront cost.


With this in mind, you might still be wondering which central air system is the best for your home. That all depends on your home’s size, insulation, and most importantly, your budget. Units with a lower SEER rating are more friendly for your wallet, but it’s worth considering a higher SEER-rated unit for its efficiency, future savings, and longevity.

If you’re still unsure which central air conditioning system is right for you, contact the experts at F.C. Haab! We install and repair a variety of central air systems, and we offer the best advice to help you make an informed decision on an upgrade. Visit our AC installations and upgrades page to see the brands we offer, and contact us to schedule a consultation.