Cleaner Air With Haab Energy’s Indoor Air Quality Solutions

- 12:14 pm - February 15th, 2022

Keeping your family comfortable takes more than just a properly functioning heating system and a steady supply of heating oil, their health is important too! Especially now, when the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone worried about avoiding viruses and germs, indoor air quality solutions are crucial.


Fortunately, we specialize in indoor air quality solutions for the home that can protect the health of everyone inside… take a look!


Electro-Static Air Filters rely on air stream and alternate layers of washable materials to create a static charge that draws and traps particles on the filter. These filters are highly affordable, but can reduce airflow significantly in central air conditioning systems.


Media Filters feature disposable 4 to 5 inch pleats to catch spores and bacteria before they exit your home’s ductwork. Over time, these filters become dirty and need to be replaced with fresh filters to keep the air safe.


Electronic Filters are highly thorough and effective – able to remove the smallest of particles. Many electronic filters are Wi-Fi compatible and can be controlled via smartphone, tablet or other mobile device for maximum energy efficiency.


UV Purification Systems use UV lights to kill off mold, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. These filters are especially helpful in households where family members are more susceptible to allergic reactions or asthma attacks.


Worry less about staying healthy with a little bit of help from Haab Energy! Call or contact us online to discuss how our indoor air quality solutions might be a great addition to your home.