It May Be Time to Upgrade Your A/C Unit

- 10:00 am - March 22nd, 2023

Putting off home renovations? Hesitate no longer! This is your sign to kick-start those home improvements with an upgrade to your air conditioning unit!

Your outdated cooling system has most likely lost efficiency over the years, causing you to spend way more than you need on energy.

Is your A/C unit giving you enough cool air?

Are you still using ugly, energy-hogging window or wall units?

Is it constantly requiring maintenance?

If you answered yes to those questions or your home cooling equipment is over 10 years old, then it is probably time to upgrade. A free system evaluation from the experts at Haab Energy can determine how well your central air conditioner is working and show you how much you might be able to save every month if you upgrade to a new, high-efficiency system.

Take a look at the high-efficiency central air conditioning systems and brands we recommend to get started!

Or if you’re looking to maximize space, check out our ductless mini-split systems. They don’t require the bulky ductwork found with most central air conditioning systems, making them easier and quicker to install.

Get more comfort from your air conditioner, and spend less money for it!

Contact us to schedule your evaluation or to set up your installation today!