Upgrades That Improve Your Comfort

- 9:21 am - September 16th, 2021

We’re back at it again! The heating season is upon us, but there’s still plenty of time for you to get things in order as far as your home comfort system is concerned. The question is, where do you start? And where you do go from there? Here’s what we think you should prioritize and focus on when it comes to getting ready for the heating season:

Heating Equipment

Whether you’re relying on a furnace or boiler to heat your home, even well-maintained heating equipment can underperform and begin to degrade in efficiency as time goes on. That’s why we believe the first thing you should consider upgrading is the heating equipment itself – this will give you improved comfort and help keep your heating costs manageable.


Next up, let us make sure your ductwork is in good condition to avoid wasting energy and heat loss, and we’ll even check out the design of your current duct system to see if improvements can be made to lower the risks of compromised comfort!

Comfort Control

Manual thermostats can work just fine, but you have to stay on top of it and remember to make adjustments throughout the day. There is another option – in fact, there are a few options! Smart thermostats, Wi-Fi thermostats and programmable thermostats give you a “hands-free” method of conserving energy and enjoying optimal comfort by automatically adjusting temperatures when necessary.

How do you feel about your home comfort system’s ability to perform this heating season? Even if you’re not sure, we can help with a FREE heating system evaluation! Then, we’ll go over your options for comfort and energy-efficiency improvements. Call or contact us online to schedule your evaluation now!