Get Ready For Summer With F.C. Haab

- 12:14 pm - April 26th, 2017

The cold days of winter are behind us, which means your air conditioning system needs to be ready for the summer. F.C. Haab has the expertise to keep your cooling equipment running at peak performance so you’ll be ready for whatever the hot season brings. We offer air conditioning plans that cover tune-ups, inspections, and the common repairs your equipment might need to make it through the summer. 

Our Air Conditioning Tune-Up and Inspection agreement can catch any potential issues before they become expensive repairs, and extend the life of your air conditioning equipment. During the tune-up we will prepare your system for the summer, inspect refrigerant, temperature and safety controls and check belts and filters. This saves you money on electricity by increasing efficiency. Since we nip problems in the bud, you also save money on costly repairs. 

Why wait until that first steamy day to find out if there’s a problem with your cooling system? Ask about or enroll in an air conditioning plan today and F.C. Haab will make sure you can keep cool during the summer without having to dip into your savings.