How Can You Protect Your Heating Equipment This Winter?

- 2:42 pm - December 18th, 2019

The answer is simple: by taking advantage of our Heating System Service Plans! These plans include everything you’ll need to ensure your furnace or boiler will be able to keep up with the heat demand of Philadelphia and Delaware County homeowners.

When you sign up for a Heating System Service Plan, you get a choice between Bronze, Silver and Gold – all of which provide you with the protection your equipment needs, but the higher level the plan the better off you’ll be in the long run!

Our plans offer…

Priority service that puts you ahead of other callers who aren’t signed up for a service plan. And…

24-hour emergency service so we can get you out of a jam if you find yourself in the middle of the winter without heat.

Most important, however, is your equipment’s annual tune-up that is also included in both service plans!

Annual tune-ups allow our technicians to regularly check up on your heating system – catching small problems before they turn into bigger issues.

Our annual tune-ups include…

  • Testing & adjusting oil burner for maximum efficiency

  • Inspecting the combustion chamber

  • Cleaning & checking electrodes and nozzle assembly

  • Installing customer-supplied air filters

  • Lubricating all motors on burner, fans and circulators

  • Checking all safety and operating controls

  • Vacuum cleaning appliance and flue pipe, including chimney base (where accessible) as necessary

Don’t leave your comfort to chance this winter! It’s never too late to start protecting your heating equipment. Call or contact us online today to sign up for one of our Heating System Service Plans!