The Secret Behind the Best Service In the City of Brotherly Love

- 4:48 pm - October 26th, 2016

F.C. Haab has been serving the Greater Philadelphia area since 1945. The backbone of our 71 years of success is our world-class Service Department – offering the time-tested knowledge and experience that lets our technicians quickly recognize the traits that make every home unique.

We’ve built our business around our customers; serving them in the most courteous and professional way possible is our top priority. Our team members are chosen cautiously and carefully, and always with an eye toward assembling a team that treats you the way we would want to be treated.

Secondly, we understand the value of time, both yours and ours. While other companies may run a “lean” ship with an eye on their bottom line, our service team is fully staffed with the technicians needed to give every service call and installation the time it requires. To ensure this, we employ more technicians per customer than most other companies.

Finally, knowledge is EVERYTHING. The home comfort world evolves and advances just as the rest of the world does…and our technicians advance with it. Regular training keeps them ahead of the curve and at the head of the class always. Of course, as important as classroom training is, there’s no substitute for experience. That’s why we’re proud to say F.C. Haab technicians average more than 15 years' home comfort industry service – bringing invaluable real-world knowledge to every job.

Best of all, you can bring this world-class service right to your door with an affordable F.C. Haab Service Plan. Comprehensive coverage, preventive maintenance and priceless peace of mind: you’ll get it all when you enroll in a heating service plan. Three different levels of service options and a convenient budget plan are specifically aimed to meet any need and any budget.

When you work with F.C. Haab, we treat you and your home with the same care and respect we would give a family member – because you are family! It’s a mantra that has served us well – and has allowed us to serve you well – for more than 70 years. We’re proud to deliver the home comfort service you depend on, and the home comfort service you deserve.

Contact F.C. Haab today or call 215-563-0800 to find the service plan that’s right for you.