Preparing to Cool Off With Haab Energy

- 8:38 am - April 13th, 2021

It happens every year – so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that spring has sprung and summer is to follow! With that, the rising temperatures give Pennsylvania homeowners a new challenge to overcome… staying cool and comfortable in their homes! Luckily they have Haab Energy in their corner, providing reliable and professional air conditioning services.

Remember you can rely on us all for…

AC Installations & Upgrades

The best way to ensure your comfort this summer is with a newly installed air conditioning system. Today’s equipment boasts high efficiency ratings, so you’ll enjoy optimal cooling without worrying about spiking utility costs.

AC Tune-Ups

If you have faith in your air conditioning system and don’t believe you need an upgrade, then scheduling a tune-up is the smart way to go! Regular maintenance helps keep the equipment efficient and prevents system breakdowns during the summer.

AC Service Plan

When normal wear and tear gets the best of your AC equipment, you’ll want to be well protected. As an air conditioning service plan customer, you’ll be covered for your annual tune-up as well as labor coverage for any repairs done during normal working hours.

Save yourself from any headaches this summer with air conditioning system upgrades, tune-ups and service plans from Haab Energy. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule your tune-ups, enroll in a service plan or schedule your free AC system evaluation!