F.C. Haab Keeps You Comfortable, No Matter What the Weather

- 4:39 pm - February 24th, 2016

Over the years, we’ve become accustomed to February marking the beginning of the end of the heating season. But as the past few winters have established, late winter can sometimes be even colder and snowier than the rest of the season. Additionally, the wide-swinging unpredictability of the weather lately has given us a very clear message: all bets are off.

With 3-foot blizzards occurring one night and spring-like 60-degree temperature arriving the following afternoon only to take a nose-dive the next morning, this winter’s weather patterns have been as dizzying as an air show. You know firsthand how this frenzy takes a toll on your health and spirits, so it’s good to know that no matter what, F.C. Haab has you covered with a wide range of home comfort services you can depend on.

If you notice your heating equipment isn’t delivering the comforting warmth you’re used to experiencing, leaves some rooms colder than others, or is making strange creaking sounds, ask us about our heating system evaluations. When it’s time for your heating system to be replaced, our team will help you pick the best oil-fired boiler or furnace for your home. Concerned that your home may have less-than-stellar indoor air or is improperly humidified? Speak to us about the array of indoor air quality equipment we offer. Is it time for a brand new air conditioning system to keep you cool when that first heat wave arrives? Contact us about picking out the cooling equipment that fits your home and budget.

We also offer low-cost financing for the purchase of heating and cooling equipment. When you buy a new system, we can arrange a loan and upgrade you to a high efficiency system immediately and pay for it over time. In fact, the savings you achieve on energy in the first few years alone can even offset the financing costs entirely.

Your neighbors at F.C. Haab are always ready to provide you with the full service you need to stay comfortable in these topsy-turvy weather conditions. For more information about any one of our products and services, contact F.C. Haab today.