We’re Here to Fend Off Spring Allergies!

- 10:02 am - May 11th, 2021

We can’t control the pollen levels outside, but what we can do is help fortify your home against common springtime allergens thanks to our Indoor Air Quality solutions, which include a wide selection of air filtration systems and our UV purification system.

While each of these systems alone can help fight back against poor indoor air quality, using them together increases your protection! Here’s what each system brings to the table:

Air Filter Systems

As the name implies, these systems filter the air using advanced technology to trap contaminants of many different sizes and keep them from entering the home. Many of these contaminants can cause asthma attacks, allergy flare-ups and other respiratory irritations, so removing them is paramount to a household’s comfort!

UV Purification Systems

Utilizing ultraviolet light and eliminating bacteria, mold and viruses from inside a home’s HVAC system, UV purification systems help prevent air quality issues by cleaning up the air before it reaches the home.

Ready to clear the air this spring? Ask Haab Energy about our indoor air quality solutions! Whether you’re looking to install one system or both, we’re waiting for your call. Contact us online today to get started.