Moderate Your Finances with a Budget Plan

- 4:35 pm - October 27th, 2015

There’s a good chance you were taught about the virtue of “everything in moderation” in your youth. At F.C. Haab, we’ve taken that age-old saying to heart with the development of our Budget Plan. Because you use up to 80% of your annual fuel usage over the course of just three to four months, your winter energy bills end up being higher than the rest of the year’s payments. But the F.C. Haab Budget Plan does away with that billing inconsistency by estimating your annual fuel usage based on past usage and per-gallon fuel prices, and then dividing that estimated amount evenly over 10 months. This effectively eliminates that pesky winter bill spike and allows you to spread your bills in moderation over the entire year. Paying predictable monthly amounts means you’ll be able to structure your finances the way you see fit.

While our 10-month budget plan begins in August and ends in May, you can still sign up after August. From there, your payments are split evenly over as many months that are available until the end of May. If you sign up on November 1st, you will have an 8-month budget plan for the first year and then the normal 10-month budget plan the following year and all subsequent consecutive years.

Your choice of payment method is as flexible as our budget plan – you can pay by written check, electronic check, debit card or credit card. Contact F.C. Haab today to learn more about how a budget plan can help your finances, or to sign up.