Care For Your Heating System With F.C. Haab

- 12:19 pm - October 24th, 2017

Many of us take measures to stay safe that we don’t think twice about. We go to the doctor for annual physical exams, and take our car for annual inspections. When it comes to your home’s heating system, the same concept applies: annual tune-ups keep it healthy. Potential issues you may have otherwise not known about can be discovered and nipped in the bud. 

Think of F.C. Haab as your heating equipment’s caretaker. Just like a doctor cares for you and a mechanic cares for your car, we care for your heating system. As part of an F.C. Haab heating service plan, we’ll perform an annual tune-up to make sure it’s operating as intended and at maximum efficiency. One of our highly skilled technicians will: 

  • Test and adjust the oil burner using combustion testing equipment
  • Inspect the combustion chamber
  • Clean and check electrodes and the nozzle assembly
  • Install customer-supplied air filters. If necessary, we supply oil filter controls, cartridges and burner nozzles
  • Oil all motors on the burner, fans and circulators
  • Check all safety and operating controls
  • Vacuum-clean appliance and flue pipe, including the chimney base if necessary

Keep your heating system running better, longer by treating it to the best care available. Contact F.C. Haab today to learn more about annual tune-ups and everything else included in a heating plan!