Where’s the Heat? We Can Help You Find It!

- 11:24 am - January 12th, 2022

Pennsylvania homeowners have been depending heavily on their furnaces or boilers this winter, which also means there’s a good chance they might notice that those heating systems aren’t heating their homes properly!


If you find yourself scrambling for some relief from the cold weather and wondering why, it could be a result of…


Dirty Air Filters


A dirty air filter can keep the heated air from reaching the areas where you need it most! Cleaning or changing your filters regularly can help prevent this from becoming a problem.


Air Duct Problems


Whether they’re beginning to separate or they’re accumulating dust and inhibiting air flow, the condition of your ducts are vital to your comfort!


Poor Home Insulation


While not directly related to heating equipment, the condition of insulation within a home will severely impact your ability to stay warm. Replacing old insulation (or adding it where it’s missing) will greatly improve your comfort.


Outdated Equipment


Has your heating system seen many decades? As it gets older, heating equipment efficiency degrades and its coverage can lessen, resulting in increased heating costs without the heat you’d expect!


No matter what the issues might be, if you’re not enjoying the level of comfort in your home this winter, call the experts at Haab Energy! We’ll be there to help with heating equipment installation, repair and maintenance, and more. Contact us online today to improve your home heating coverage this winter.