Don’t Forget Your Heating System Tune-Up

- 4:47 pm - September 30th, 2016

The temperature is dropping, the wind is picking up and the leaves are beginning to color. While you’re getting ready for winter, don’t forget about your heating system. Even an unseasonably mild winter like we experienced last year can be quite taxing on your heating system – and chances are this winter is going to be colder and snowier! Make sure your heating system is ready for whatever winter brings – schedule your heating system tune-up today!

A heating system tune-up can save you money and fuel, and save you the hassle of dealing with an inconvenient equipment breakdown. During a tune-up, our expert technicians will inspect your boiler or furnace to spot worn parts that can lead to system problems during the winter, and fix them before they become an issue. A properly operating heating system will also use about 5% less fuel to get your home to the same comfort level.

If you have an F.C. Haab Heating Service Plan, your tune-up is covered. If not, enroll in a plan and you won’t have to pay extra for the tune-up. The service plan also includes 24-hour emergency response and protects you from expensive repair bills. Sign up for any of our heating system service plans and your tune-up is included!

Contact us today or call 215-563-0800 to schedule your tune-up appointment or enroll in a service plan.