Protect Yourself from Future Jumps in Fuel Prices

- 12:29 pm - May 18th, 2022

We all felt the effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as energy prices soared. No one wants to go through that again, so we suggest signing up for one of our Price Protection Plans to keep your prices manageable in the future – because you never know what can happen next!

With our Price Protection Plans you’ll be one step ahead of the unpredictable fuel market prices. Here’s what we offer:

Fixed Price

Under this plan you lock in your price for fuel for the entirety of the heating season. If heating oil prices should skyrocket like they did recently, you’ll continue to pay your fixed price. If the prices should drop, however, you’ll still pay your fixed price.

This method of protection is perfect for homeowners who prefer to know what their bills will be month to month, making it easier for them to budget for their home heating needs.

Price Cap

With this plan we’ll agree on a capped price, which is the most you will ever pay throughout the heating season. Similar to the Fixed Price plan, if heating oil prices increase beyond your cap your costs will not exceed it. Unlike our Fixed Price plan if prices should drop, you’ll enjoy the lower cost.

This method of protection is perfect for homeowners who want to remain below a certain price point while taking advantage of lower prices.

Which method would you prefer? There’s no right or wrong answer! Give us a call or contact us online to discuss how you can protect your future fuel prices.