F.C. Haab and Your Home’s Ductwork

- 1:54 pm - June 15th, 2022

The ductwork of your air conditioning system is what gets the cool air where you need it to go. Sometimes, problems can arise inside your ductwork that affect the output of air. Without a regular cleaning from F.C. Haab, you could be losing money and wasting energy all summer long.


Here are a few of the problems you might experience:


Leaks are common in flexible ductwork. This is because they are susceptible to being punctured or crushed in attic spaces.


Kinks can cause resistance to airflow. The result is less-than-optimal functionality of the air conditioning system. Sometimes the layout of flexible ductwork can cause kinks and twists.


Blockage caused by dirt, dust or any other debris may accumulate over time. This can decrease airflow and cause leaks.


Inadequate insulation around your ductwork can enable cool air to escape. This may not cause an airflow problem, but your AC system will be working harder.


Poor design of your air conditioning system’s ductwork can lead to problems down the line. If the ductwork is too long, the air temperature may rise before the air reaches its destination.


The best way to prevent these problems from arising? Have F.C. Haab check your ductwork . Our technicians can catch any problems and fix them. Contact us and schedule your ductwork inspection today!