Stay Warm this Winter with Automatic Delivery

- 12:21 pm - January 31st, 2018

You may believe you have ordering heating oil down to a science, but what if you forget to place an order? What if you don’t account for extreme changes in temperature like the ones we’ve already seen throughout Media, Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania areas? Better yet, why put in the effort in the first place when you don’t need to?

By enrolling in automatic delivery with F.C. Haab, you’ll help ensure you have the heating oil you need no matter how cold things getand alleviate the burden of checking your fuel gauge, calling us to schedule a delivery, and waiting for your fuel to arrive. Here’s how it works:

We analyze your past usage and use state-of-the-art degree day technology to adjust for changes in weather patterns. Degree days compare average highs and lows in temperatures in the area to a standard temperature of 65°F. The more extreme the temperatures, such as in an extremely cold winter like this, the higher the number of degree days, and the more often you’ll need heating oil delivered. Monitoring degree days enables us to adjust your delivery schedule so you don’t run out of fuel.

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Give yourself a rest and let us do the work. Enroll in automatic delivery today to help ensure you and your family stay warm this and every winter. To sign up, contact us today.