Get to the Bottom of Your Heating Problem

- 12:17 pm - August 16th, 2017

It’s a common misconception that the bigger the heating equipment, the better it is for heating up your home. Selecting the right-sized system for your home should be done by a professional who understands how size can affect the efficiency and quality of the heating system. Here are a few areas that can suffer if a system isn’t properly sized:

Temperature: Over-sized heating equipment will heat a space up very quickly, and while this may seem ideal on a freezing winter night, it will only result in uneven temperatures throughout the home. Some rooms may be overly warm while others are on the cooler side because the system cycles for a shorter period of time, not allowing it to reach optimal temperature throughout the space.

Noise: Larger systems can be loud, especially in a small space! This is caused by your heating equipment constantly starting up as it cycles more frequently, which also requires more fuel.

Finances: Not only do over-sized heating systems cost more to install due to the size of the equipment, but they also burn through much more fuel…and your energy budget!

F.C. Haab performs heating system evaluations to make sure that your heating equipment is sized appropriately for your living space and to catch other potential problems as well throughout the system. If you’re considering an upgrade to your heating system before the cold weather returns, contact F.C. Haab and we’ll show you the best options for your home.